Reigniting the spark for Esso LPG

Despite its reputation for high quality Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and a long history in Singapore, Esso found itself in a declining market. More competitors sprung up promoting attractive deals and faster delivery times. Meanwhile, more customers turned to piped gas instead. We needed to re-establish the value that Esso LPG brings and help them stand tall once again.

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Choosing connection over convenience

Food and family are at the top of every LPG customer’s mind. We created a new local tagline, “Joy all around,” to emphasize what we stood for: the family bonds, festive traditions, and multigenerational cooking experiences that are central to all Asian households. Of course, that was only the beginning. We shifted the brand from generic, product-based value propositions to emotive, people-centric ones, and adopted both a voice and visual framework that demonstrated community and well-being. We made clear to our customers that their priorities and stories were very much ours too.

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The result? Joy all around

We aimed to stand out and stand out we did. We brought warmth and meaning to a customer journey that’s usually cold and functional. By focusing on family moments, we forged a strong emotional connection amidst the pandemic. Our rejuvenated, holistic message cut through the clutter that our customers had come to expect from LPG’s competitors. Joyfully, we outperformed our benchmarks, even during the build-ups to festive periods, where competition is at its highest.

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