Win over the Gen Z audience to make Flip4 the must have phone

Industry leader of foldable phones, Samsung dominates the market share. But to make foldable phones mainstream we needed to win over the most demanding audience, Gen Z. And shift their perception of it being innovative tech to the must have phone. We needed to show off the awesome capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s flex mode and hands free camera in a way that would grab their attention.

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So we flexed the Flip4’s camera on social

Using social listening, we saw amongst Gen Z the conversation around street art and urban sport was on the rise. So we commissioned @pureevilgallery – a cult figure on the urban street art scene – to create a unique piece in an east London skate park, made only with photos taken using the Galaxy Z Flip4’s Flex Mode. Samsung’s diverse army of creators, influencers and existing owners posted photos using the #FlexEveryAngle tag, and followers got involved by voting for which Galaxy Z pics should be used.

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And the results were flipping brilliant

The campaign surpassed engagement targets and drove an increase in search and conversation around the Flip4. The perfect exposure, you might say.

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