Bridging today’s reality with tomorrow’s possibilities

The EQS is a symbol of a groundbreaking, emission-free future driven by Mercedes-Benz – the herald of new possibilities for everyone. Not all Singaporeans felt that connection, for two reasons. First, soaring costs of vehicle ownership made the EQS accessible only to society’s biggest movers and shakers. Second, a large segment of the public was not even aware of the brand’s commitment to the environment. We needed to find new ways to connect the EQS with the average Singaporean.

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Putting sustainable craftsmanship in the public’s hands

A local toymaker, Shimin from MINISHI Studios, was the answer. Shimin produced a 1:24 scale gypsum sculpture of the EQS, complete with sustainably produced paints, palettes, and packaging. Dubbed the EQS Collectible Kit, we turned it into an accessible vehicle, yielding infinite possibilities on a sustainably crafted canvas. We produced a captivating film that told Shimin’s story from his own eyes: his journey discovering sustainable materials, processes, suppliers, and how the brand’s vision had inspired his work. The film led viewers to an online hub. Here, people received all the information they needed on the project and on Mercedes-Benz. They were also able to purchase their own customizable EQS Collectible Kits and browse sculptures created by 12 local artists. Visitors voted for their favorite piece, with the winning design brought to life on an actual EQS.

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Making an impact as a community

Shimin’s humble, genuine demeanor resonated with viewers and raised new awareness for the brand’s initiatives. He connected new audiences to the EQS in a fun, accessible, and educational way. To bring the campaign full circle, all proceeds from sales were donated to a charity advocating zero waste – allowing Singaporeans and Mercedes-Benz to make an impact together, through the EQS.

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