We needed to open minds as well as wallets

The Doe Fund needed to raise money from younger donors. However, many millennials felt disconnected from The Fund’s work of rehabilitating addicts and prisoners, being reluctant to give money to “people who have made mistakes, who may continue to make mistakes, and who may have very different morals than you.” 


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We chose big words with an even bigger impact

Before we could ask for support, we needed to shift perceptions. So we ran a quiz across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, asking people to guess who had said an inspirational quote – a celebrity or a member of the DOE Fund? When 47% of people attributed the quotes incorrectly, we were able to show that the beneficiaries of The Doe Fund didn’t lack morals, simply opportunity. 


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And we scored across the board

The quiz format helped our engagement jump by 586% compared to previous activity by the charity. It also saw followership increase by 14.5% among an audience The Doe Fund has previously struggled to reach. Quite a result. 


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