Sending out an SOS (Save Our Scales)

The Chinese pangolin is on the edge of extinction. Its scales are made of keratin – the same substance that makes up human nails – and are often used in traditional Asian medicines. RAPP China joined forces with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help protect this critically endangered mammal.

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Of course, we had to go  large-scale

Partnering up with huge tech firm Tencent, we created a fully integrated marketing campaign, including an interactive website, extensive digital media exposure, offline ads and a fully immersive installation. All channelled the key message: ‘Protecting the pangolin is like protecting our nails’. Celebrities and experts endorsed the campaign by co-creating a video, hand painting pangolin models for the installation, and designing nail art for anyone who pledged to help protect the pangolin.

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And we nailed it

The year-long campaign won the Tencent Public Welfare Award and was hailed by the WWF as a “brilliant” and “creative” way to spread awareness of the plight of the pangolin and help to protect biodiversity.

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